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    his life was totally in danger.


    True story; this officer (John Pike) got a settlement of $38,000 because he said he got depressed after pepper spraying these kids. Oh, the depression wasn’t for feeling remorseful for pepper spraying a bunch of college kids peacefully protesting. He got depressed because he said since the media kept playing the video of him pepper spraying peaceful kids without cause, he got threats and didn’t feel safe. He didn’t feel safe. I’m not making that up. This motherfucker collected nearly 40 grand on worker’s comp after assaulting a bunch of college kids.


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    when you have to go around the circle and introduce yourself to the group


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    when the red light just turns green and somebody is already beepin at you


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    Do you ever have that moment when a kid is looking at you and you realize that they’re looking at you as a grown up? Then its like no child im a children too, dont. Im sorry my outward appearance confuses you.

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    Important, always-relevant comic done by the wonderful Ursa Eyer.

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  7. "How long they choose to love you will never be your decision."

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    i give hella good relationship advice but i am the loneliest potato you will ever meet.

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    I just want one day without y’all being extra

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